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David Coleman – Principal

With extensive experience in environmental compliance, energy efficiency, operational management and business development across all modes of domestic and international transport, I now help clients improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts and costs.

Logistics roles with leading transport, resources and engineering companies have seen me ship bulk minerals globally and around the coast, export containerised and break-bulk steel worldwide, service supermarket and fuel road supply chains, fly people and ship supplies to offshore oil & gas fields and re-supply resources and construction projects in the Pilbara, Timor Sea and South East Asia.

My “drill-bit to tail-pipe” knowledge of conventional and alternative fuel value chains is complemented by qualifications in logistics and environmental law. With strong understanding of how carbon and energy constraints impact Australian and global supply chains, I aim to play a leading role in environmental excellence projects that make a real difference.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity – Freight Transport Working Group
  • Global Logistics Emissions Council / Smart Freight Centre

  • Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

  • Carbon Market Institute


  • Innovation in Transport & Logistics Award 2015 – Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (Australia)


  • Master of Environmental Law, Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Business (Logistics), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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