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Make better data-driven decisions to improve costs, service and

social & environmental performance


In transport, things are changing fast, with digitisation, disruptive technologies, new energy sources, emission reduction and compliance obligations creating both opportunities and risks.

Time-poor organisations find it hard keeping up-to-speed with the knowledge they need to adapt and grow. Yesterday’s winning methods are shifting to new models of logistics services that are quickly leaving traditional practices behind.

Globally, we’re now aiming for zero carbon supply chains, and Transficient will help you get there.

Measure, disclose and improve transport’s social and environmental performance.

Clean Transport Action

Supply chains can produce far greater greenhouse gases than a company generates in its own operations and reducing the impacts and costs of these scope 3 emissions is increasingly important to customers, investors, employees and the communities where you operate.

Transficient will help you:

  • Measure the impacts of your logistics network footprint
  • Engage with suppliers to innovate for improvement
  • Access government funding to support your efforts
  • Be carbon-free

Use best-practice programs to deliver measurable results

  • Global Logistics Emissions Council carbon accounting
  • Smart Freight Centre’s Smart Freight Procurement Framework
  • Emissions Reduction Fund’s Land & Sea Transport method to calculate carbon credits
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme
  • Australian Standard AS3598.3 Energy Audits – Transport-related activities
  • Transport Science-Based Target Setting Guidance
  • Disclosures under Carbon Disclosure Program and Global Reporting Initiative standards

Chain of Responsibility Compliance

Buy or sell goods delivered by truck? Then truck safety is your responsibility.

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) extends your legal duties under workplace health & safety laws to people throughout your supply chain working with customers, suppliers and freight carriers.

Transficient helps you take control of your CoR risks by fixing gaps in your policies, procedures and commercial contracts to minimise risks to your people and your business

Use best-practice programs to deliver measurable results:

Business Development

Partner with experienced transport managers, economists, engineers, financiers, academics and carbon advisors to package unique combinations of skills and perspectives for a wide range of transport, logistics and supply chain projects.

  • Transport studies
  • RFQ tender submissions
  • Government funding applications
  • Commercial contracts
  • Sales, marketing & account management

Together we target better ways to gather, organise and use data, with performance outcomes achieved through information dashboards tailored to your business that improve decision-making for all stakeholders. We’ll jointly build your internal capacity with knowledge, skills, and tools so you can know your team is doing everything right together every day.

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