Australian business owners wondering about their impact on the climate and how they can reduce it can now take control of their Carbon Footprint using the digital tools of Global Climate Initiatives.

Global Climate Initiatives (GCI), the Climate division of the European TK’Blue Agency, is a private initiative bringing together different economic and scientific players. It offers all types of businesses, of all sectors and sizes, online tools to calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint, in full compliance with international standards.

TK’Blue’s local representative David Coleman recently became Australia’s first GCI Accredited Expert to help companies and public organisations take their part in the fight against climate change. David said:

“I calculated my business’ GHG inventory using the GCI platform and was impressed by the ergonomic and precise emissions calculators and how they adapt to different sectors and activities.

I’m excited to be talking with business owners and organisational leaders about their carbon neutrality objectives and how we can all work together to achieve a Net-Zero Carbon business community.”

Whether they’re in industry, agriculture, commerce, transport, real estate, hotels, cafes, events, tertiary sector, local authorities, sport, trades, or any other vocation, people appreciate the autonomy that everyone will have with these online tools to calculate their emissions and detect priority levers for reducing emissions and operating costs.

Global Climate Initiatives is based on a credible, reliable and transparent international criteria recognised and validated by its Scientific Council, such as Standard ISO 14064, European standard CEN EN 16258, the GHG Protocol and Bilan Carbone® methodologies, and the GLEC Framework. Transparency and extremely competitive prices can be offered as a result of the 100% digitalisation of the process.

TK’Blue Agency founder and president, Philippe Mangeard, says:

“After a decade of developing TK’Blue’s environmental and societal costs calculators for freight transport, our aim is to democratise and demystify the carbon footprint. It is essential that all the players, from small businesses to large groups, are committed if we are to have any chance of limiting global warming.”

Global Climate Initiatives is the first international platform to Calculate, Reduce, Offset and mitigate the global carbon footprint of companies through projects integrating the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

To learn more, visit and contact David Coleman here: [email protected]