The International Non-Financial Transport Rating Agency TK’Blue, announces the creation of a new Agency in Australia, also covering New Zealand and Singapore.

The objective is to offer shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in the Southern zone its solutions for improving and enhancing the economic and environmental performance of their logistics choices.

Thanks to the online tools, available 24/7, they will be able, along with more than 10,000 users in Europe and beyond, to have powerful and dynamic analyses enabling them to collaborate transparently to reduce the societal cost of the impacts of transport on the planet and its citizens.

David Coleman, TK’Blue’s new local representative, shares with us his vision:

As more major Retailers, Manufacturers and Resources companies announce targets to reduce emissions in their value chain, they need a way to accurately measure and drive improvement with their freight partners.

TK’Blue provides both, offering shippers unmatched levels of precision and ease to report on the cost and negative impacts of their multimodal transport activities, and enabling close collaboration with logistics providers to reduce emissions and benchmark performance.

Organized as a collaborative platform, TK’Blue has been differentiated since 2012 by its complete spectrum of analysis and reporting, while providing the best level of calculation of CO2 (certified by Bureau Veritas) and Greenhouse Gas emissions (compliant with the “GHG Protocol”), and on the valuation of the CSR commitments of the principals.

Dozens of major groups such as Carrefour, Sephora, Michelin, Saint-Gobain, Auchan and Procter & Gamble have already committed themselves to the TK’Blue dynamic.  By combining eco-responsibility and the economic performance of logistics choices, TK’Blue meets the demands of each of the transport stakeholders.

As Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue, points out: “This opening to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore is a further step forward for TK’Blue Agency, which is expanding into a strategic and innovative market for freight transport in this area.”

David Coleman agrees, adding: “The arrival of TK’Blue is well-timed, because these countries rank in the top 20 globally for CSR governance and that’s driven by growing community demand for sustainably-made and delivered products and services, so transporters and their customers in the region are increasingly competing on their sustainability credentials.


About TK’Blue Agency –

TK’Blue is a transportation labelling and rating agency organized as a service platform. It measures, scores and evaluates the eco-responsible performance of each of the players – transport operators and instructing parties – in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements relating to CO2 emissions and CSR, at national and European level (Bureau Veritas certified).

Its European governance, made up of more than seventy representatives of all the logistics chain stakeholders, allows it to ensure its legitimacy, credibility, evolution and independence in the long term.

The platform is accessible in SaaS mode in the Cloud, which is free for all freight carriers across all modes.

By combining the eco-responsibility and economic performance of logistics choices, TK’Blue meets the demands of each transport operator: control of transport flows, alert in the event of a downturn in quality, mitigation of the consequences of poor transport purchases, commitment to a CSR policy, and the response to CO2/GHG and CSR regulations and legislation.


Marcia Assuncao – Communication Manager
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 Dave Coleman
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